Resident Services



As a prospective resident, you want to know what kind of service you can expect when you lease from Pacific Properties. We pride ourselves on our resident service, and consistently strive to make things easier for you.


Here at Pacific Properties we take pride in our staff members. We have aligned our Community Managers and Maintenance Staff to work together and understand the needs of our residents. It is important for our team to ensure we are meeting the needs of our residents when it comes to responding to emergency maintenance requests or responding to standard services issues.

Communication between our maintenance team and management is key for driving Resident Satisfaction, and we pride our company on maintaining high quality service request and turn-around times. Our maintenance staff is interacting with our residents on a consistent basis making Customer Service our highest priority. 


Did you know that you can now pay your rent online? With our Resident Portal, it's fast, easy, and secure, so why wait? Also, we've partnered with RentTrack to offer an opportunity for our residents to build their credit simply by paying rent.  Below, you'll find some information on how to get started and a few reasons why so many others have already made the switch!


  • Once you've signed up, you can:
  • View and pay your bills anytime (24/7)
  • View and pay your bills from anywhere (any computer with an internet connection)
  • Set up an automatic payment
  • Sign up for automatic reminder emails
  • Review your payment history
  • Sign up for a subscription to report your rent payments and build your credit history


Have you ever looked at a calendar and suddenly realized that your rent was due that day? Or worse yet, that it was due a few days ago and that it was now late? With online rent payments, these concerns are a thing of the past. Simply hop on your computer and in just a few minutes, your rent is paid! Or remove all doubt and schedule a payment in advance so your rent is paid automatically. And this is in addition to not having to write checks, address envelopes, or find/buy stamps...


In a world where online financial predators seem more and more common, we understand if you have reservations about entering your bank account information online. But fear not! With Resident Portal, your information is password protected and all transactions are both encrypted and securely transmitted.

Resident Login

Pay your rent online, submit a maintenance request, contact your site manager, connect with fellow residents

*Your community office will supply you with a community ID if you don't have one.  Please contact your community office if you believe your balance is not accurate.  

** Notice of payment terms:  Electronic payments not received by the due date are subject to all fees under the terms of the Lease Agreement.  Partial payments may not be accepted.